Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Paint that pout pink

Its hot and its bright.
And just so right!

Just look at those lips. Aren't they absolutely perfect. There, I've said it. I'm absolutely and utterly in love with fuschia lips right now. That traffic stopping lip color. I think its the best thing to have happened to my lips since my coral lip fixation.
This trend keeps cropping up from time to time and hits the sweet spot with me everytime. You'd think I would be bored of this color considering that its not exactly a new trend. But nope.
The color seems to work on any complexion. Its just such a bright happy color and can add that much needed pop of color to an otherwise grey dress.
Fuschia lips are much more feminine compared to the dominatrix appeal of red. They can give the girlie, flirty and young feel to a woman of any age.
This trend first appeared on the runway for Marc Jacobs S/S 10 show and since then has never quite left it. And I hope it doesn't. The world is a much better place with fuschia lips.

I like to keep my make up low-key when using this lip color to allow the lipstick to be the star. Kohl-rimmed eyes and a matte foundation usually do it for me. My favorite is Maybelline Colorsensational - Fuschia Fever. So go be pinkalicious!

You know you want it.

Special thanks to my friend Anna for being such a gorgeous model for this piece.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Current Obsession: Mint

I am currently obsessed with everything Mint or Turqouise. I know it is more of a spring/summer color than fall but in Chennai it is always summer so I feel like wearing it all year round. It's flattering on everyone and it will surely brighten up your day.

Here are some of my favorite Mint accessories:

I got this bangle from Forever 21 in Singapore. I love the tiny bow detail. 

I love these Chandelier earrings as they add a pop of color to any outfit. I like to pair them with an all black outfit with my hair in a top knot.

I got these earrings from Accessorize ages back but I still wear them a lot. They are perfect to wear to the office with a Kurti. 

I got this oversized clutch from Accessorize during sale. It is a statement piece and I like to keep rest of the outfit simple whenever I carry it. 

And finally mint nails!!  

Monday, 29 October 2012

Fashion Essentials: première partie

Everyone has fashion essentials. Everyone should have them. Be it your loose red shorts you spend your Sunday lounging in or be it those towering electric blue heels which give you shoe bites (what's a bit of pain when it comes to looking good!)
I think, fashion essentials vary depending on the place you live at. I mean, my black coat and leather boots would be my fashion cannot-do-withouts when I am in London. But, c'mon. I'd have to be a lunatic to wear a black coat and walk around in a place where winter never arrives. 
So, here goes, my fashion essential list for Bombay to help me stay fabulous and chic:

1. My Black heels
Make that all the pair of black heels that I own. I have 4 pairs. Not too much right? Yeah, they are, when you end up having to pay extra baggage for extra pairs of shoes. I have formals, I have sky high, I have lace, I have peep-toe; sigh.
And trust me, the moment I see another black pair, I am going to have very little self restraint to keep me from picking them up.

2. The color red
Yeah, I have a major fetish for the color red. I love red shoes, red lipstick, red nailpaint, red dresses and of course, red does look very very good if taken further. 
Can you imagine the world without the color red? You wear an absolutely drab dress in brown or some equally boring pastel shade and smear some red lipstick or paint your nails red and you'll still make heads turn. Oh, and don't even get me started on red heels.

3. Lace
I remember my friend telling me she would disown me if I went after any more lace. I have lace in every form of clothing you can think of. And since that wasn't enough, I went ahead and bought some shoes with lace too. Pretty much everyone has had enough of me and my lace. But I haven't been able to get rid of this addiction. Not that I am trying either. 

4. Coral Lipstick
This is fairly new love of mine. But I think its going to stick with me for
sometime, like every little thing I usually pick up does. 
I absolutely adore coral lips. And in the Bombay sun, it just seems to be such a perfect match. 

5. LBD
Last but not the least, my little black dress. I mean, it has to be there on the list.
Immortalized by Audrey Hepburn, adored by millions, making women all over
the world feel beautiful is the little black dress.  I am not even going to say why
its on my list of fashion essentials.
I like pairing mine with pearls or a single stone pendant. And my black heels.
And a tweed jacket. Classy. Always!

Well, that's my five fashion essentials. For Bombay. 
You know you want them.