Friday, 29 March 2013

Gifts from New Zealand

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was visiting New Zealand and Australia. And with travel comes shopping.
So, I picked up these jade earrings and a black pearl pendant from New Zealand. The black pearl pendant is one of my favorites from all the shopping I did.
For all of those planning to visit New Zealand,  I would recommend picking up black pearl, jade, blue pearl and paua shell jewellery. They look amazing and you know you would be taking a bit of New Zealand back with you.

Comfy harem pants can look good too

So, I recently travelled to Australia and New Zealand.  Hence the lapse in posting. Anyway,  now that I am back, here is one of my travel wears. The blue embroidered harem pants combined with the grey top from Mango, the necklace from Accesorize, the red hat I picked up at Covent Garden in London and shoes I picked up at Sydney is perfect for visiting Bondi beach.
Fun, fashionable and comfortable.